Public transport The address can be comfortably reached by public transport integrated services. At the sight of the house is a tram stop Horky - 6, 11, 56. At a distance of 300m is Synků Brothers Square station - tram 6, 11, 13, 18, ​​bus no. 193. Google maps - tram stop Horky Vyšehrad VYŠEHRAD - the rock above the river with its dark outline of slender spires - is an inseparable part of the Prague landscape. The traditions of this mysterious place are bound up with the legends whose literary treatment was worked up Alois Jirasek from the ancient chronicles into his work "The Old Czech Legends".
The Vyšehrad's legends explaining and celebrating the origins and and early years of Přemysl's state, raised this area to one of the most memorable places of the Czech nation. A fortified settlement appeared at Vyšehrad sometime during the 10th century. The first definitive evidence for the existence of the Vyšehrad hillfort are Přemyslid denarii of Boleslav II, minted there in the mid-10th century.
Havlíčkovy sady - Grébovka There are several parks in Vinohrady. Havlíčkovy sady are the Prague's second-largest park. There is the Villa Gröbe that served as summer house of the nobility, it is inspired by Italian Renaissance suburban villas and is surrounded by vineyards still in production founded by Charles IV. in the second half of the 14th century.
Vineyards and Vineyard summerhouse were at the end of the 20th century started to deteriorate, but were renewed and now has an area of 1.7 hectares and annually produces 4,000 liters of wine. There are grown varieties of Müller Thurgau, Rhine Riesling, Dornfelder, Pinot Gris and Pinot Noir, and since 1997 there annually happen "Vinohrady vintage celebrations" (usually in September).
Viniční altán
Language School Polyglot POLYGLOT is one of the most prestigious language schools in the Czech Republic. Since its establishment in 1989, POLYGLOT has opened 8 branches in all the major cities of the Czech Republic which provide professional language instruction.
POLYGLOT is a testing center for the Pearson Language Assessment. Students can now take the internationally recognized exam at our school. POLYGLOT was awarded the Test Centre of the Year in 2008.
Business Academy Svatoslavova 333 In 1988 - for an unusually large number of applicants for high school economics - it was decided to set up in Prague two new professional schools of this type.
This history begins new Business Academy Svatoslavova in Prague 4, the only public school fourth Prague district. On the construction business academy until the present form are professionally involved in high-quality, experienced teachers with a genuine interest in students' education, with the initiative to create a basis for a new professional workplace. Those beginning but at its birth have the greatest merit. Whether it is the school management or teaching staff. School history is completed by first graduates ...
Elementary School Vršovická The Elementary School in Prague 10, U Vršovického nádraží 1/950 is a school with a long tradition. The school building was put into operation in 1930, replacing the old school Vršovice. The school is located in an old building Vršovice, on the border with Prague 4th district.
It is easily accessible by tram no. 7 and 24.
Kindergarten Radost Our preschool and nursery - kindergarten is intended for children 2 to 4 years. It is located on the ground floor of a residential building in Prague 10 Vršovice with access to the garden, equipped with a sandpit, swings and a garden for children.
Our day in kindergarten and a nursery - we spend most creative activities, chat or common activities - singing, dancing, nursery rhymes, going out or cooking. We also have dedicated time for individual activities inspired by the Montessori pedagogy.
Theatre Na Jezerce Jan Hrušínsky Theatre Company was founded in 2002 and continues a long family tradition. The ancestors and family members Hrušínsky operates in Czech theater continuously since the mid-nineteenth century. The first theater concession holder in the family was Mr. Ondřej Červíček, which permits to the operation theater company acquired in 1883. For all the celebrities that have gone through the history of the theater "family" name eg. in year 1851 JK Tyl or later, in the first half 20th century, for example, Karel Lamač, and Joseph Rudolph Hrušínsky or Joseph Kemr.
Family tradition now continues at the Theatre Na Jezerce ...
Theatre Bez zábran Welcome to the webpages of Divadlo bez zábran!
We are an established theater group, which acts on the Prague scene since 2001, playing their performances mainly in permanent theater scene Divadlo bez hranic and at the same time we operate as a touring theater throughout the Czech Republic. We specialize mainly in comedy genre. We also participate in theater festivals and competition and non-competition shows.
Theatre Na Fidlovačce Divadlo Na Fidlovačce was reopened to the public October 28, 1998 - ie after twenty years of silence. Before the gala performance of logistics and Škroup "Fidlovačka" said Tomáš Töpfer a symbolic ribbon-cutting of a man who dedicated his theater one-month disability pension. The uniqueness of this event was that Mr. Bursik see the scene Nuselske single performance because it is blind ... Theatre Na vinohradech Vinohrady Theatre is a prestigious drama stage with excellent acting ensemble, more than a century of tradition and a lively focus for the future. DnV is an important element in the framework of the national theater in Prague and context. Zlý časy - Bad Times Pubs "Bad Times" is the promised beer where the beer turns 48 faucets of medium and small breweries in Bohemia and Moravia. The menu is complemented by a wide selection of bottled beers from around the world, and so you can take a beer lover beer trip not only for the Czech Republic.
All rooms are non-smoking !!! Steak kitchen with a grill on the middle bar in operation 17 to 23 hours. Every day (except Sunday) !!! :)
Lucky Luciano Our restaurant can be found at two locations in Prague. Both are dedicated to Lucky Luciano, but each of them a different period of his life. Nuselský Lucky Luciano is the 30's, restaurants Kozlovna Lucky Luciano to life in the postwar period. In addition to traditional menu of pizzas, various meats, homemade pastas or salads are available in both restaurants on weekdays lunch menu.
Special offer pizzas - Visit the Restaurant or Lucky Luciano Nusle between 15 to 17 hours and enjoy our delicious pizza about 30% less.
U Bansethů The legendary pub with a century of tradition. Do the people of Prague subconscious i got because of Jaroslav Hasek, constant visitor. The renowned playboy (a famous writer), are still waiting for his table, witness the great rhetorical improvisation and alcohol pillow for your head wearily. In Hašek's The Good Soldier Švejk is indeed a pub i mentioned are its founder - Mr. Alois Banseth. Today we are Pilsen restaurant with traditional old Bohemian cuisine.
We have obtained many a prestigious awards, such as repeatedly. Škopek the price, we have many years of certificate holders Pilsner Urquell brewery for excellent care of draft beer.
Bowling V Továrně - Bowling In The Factory Dear guests, the bowling and the pub was established in a former textile factory, founded here in Nusle, yet the Austro - Hungarian industrialist Otto Kretschmer, originally from Nova Paka.
Today, the use of object design and business offices reputable companies and our bowling too. Our goal is to combine sports with comfortable seating and entertainment with a good beer.