Public transport Street Ondříčkova can comfortably reach the urban transport means of integrated transport. Within sight of the house is a square of George of Podebrady - A metro station and tram no. 11. Google maps - A metro, tram no. 11 Square George of Podebrady In the past there was a garden, from which in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries formed a city park. The park currently fills the main square area. Park underwent in 2001-2003 extensive reconstruction, when the overall revitalization of greenery, park and was fitted with new trees and a newly paved, therefore, has become a good place for pedestrian walks. But the park is not only dominates the square of George of Podebrady. For instance, the local religious monument, its unusual appearance attracts every passer-by. Prague City line - sq. George of Podebrady Rieger park If wandering through Prague 3 looking for a place where you could finally stop for a moment, relax and recharge your batteries for the next wandering around this part of Prague, Rieger is the right choice. These sets of Vinohrady, named after a significant Czech politician, was rightly considered among the most coveted spot with the option to sit in cozy pubs with unforgettable view of the Prague Castle. Restaurants and gardens in Rieger park Mahler park Mahler set is a former park in Prague, located below the Žižkov transmitter next to the Jewish cemetery in Žižkov. It was established in the 50s of the 20th century on the site of the canceled part of the Jewish cemetery. At the end of the 80s of the 20th century it has been scaled down due to the construction of the Žižkov TV tower, and became the property of Czech Radiokomunikace. Czech Radiocommunications it as private property leased for twenty years OREATHEA Company Ltd., which in part of the park, built a restaurant and then most of the lawns park in 2013 concreted to establish mini-golf. Café Chef Café Chef roots reach deep into the past (history) cafes in Prague. Its predecessor was the most famous cafe Lesser Lesser Town Square in the House at the Stone Table. This café has served most Praguers to rest on weekend walks around the Small Side. La Botega Enterprise La Bottega Gastronomica inspired by global trends began its work in January 2014 Ondříčkova street in Prague 3. Gastronomic bistro with a large selection of Italian delicacies has an extra one exclusive novelty - cooking space with a completely new concept called "Rosticceria". Elementary school Jiřího z Poděbrad Elementary school Jiřího z Poděbrad the University Elementary School Pedagogical Faculty and since the 2006/2007 school year, taught at its training program Rainbow School, which also offers English lessons from the first year, the fourth year of expanding the teaching of languages and mathematics and a wide range optional subjects at the second stage. Kindergarten Penguin's Penguin's - the first and only school for children working with the unique program multisensory stimulation of children. We teach children to systematically engaging all the senses with which to better, faster, deeper and learn about the world. We pass natural curiosity and develop a love for knowledge. We kindergarten where the children enjoyed. Use of private babysitting your kids on the premises Penguin's. This is a newly built and fully equipped studio for children. / Theatre Na vinohradech Vinohrady Theatre is a prestigious drama stage with excellent acting ensemble, more than a century of tradition and a lively focus for the future. DnV is an important element in the framework of the national theater in Prague and context.